Autumnal Woods (Personal Use)


A Dungeondraft asset pack with… 309 new object assets, nearly all of them colorable, including trees big and small, ferns, berry bushes, logs, and leaves! Birch Trees to populate your fey domains, along with brand-new tree shadows to help them pop out of the landscape a bit more! New “Autumn Leaf” terrain brushes in sunlit and shaded versions, perfect for hinting at a canopy of trees overhead. Three new bush varieties based on the original Dungeondraft bush material, but more muted and dry. Leaf-covered rocks, button mushrooms, birch sticks, and a ton of dirt and dry grass patches to let some grass poke through the new autumn leaf terrain brush.
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Lets go check out the fall colors! It seems like you can never really get enough variety when it comes to plants and vegetation in Dungeondraft… especially as the seasons change! So I made some new plants based on the original assets, but rougher around the edges and nearly all of them colorable! Trees in every size, bushes, and birch trees too (which I think came out beautifully). I also included some assets in specific colors to help folks get their color palettes going.

Time to get that scatter tool ready!

Hope you enjoy!


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