ClassicFantasy | Nr.1 | (93 city map assets)


I welcome you to our new(old) assets, sewn into new clothes, so now you can use them along with any newer asset packs!
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This pack was needed for a while, and now, it’s finally here! All the shiny new packs, pretty much since the ‘new’ Hellas1 asset pack have been great. You like them, we like them, and they are a definite improvement from previous packs. (I’ve made many update posts showcasing the differences)

BUT, we kind of left behind our ‘classic’ style. We’ve already done a rewamp of the original assets which was great, but that pack became outdated quite quickly also.
We’ve increased the scaling of the assets and the way we color and draw them, as well as how exporting is done and so on. In short: we improved but our assets stayed the same.

Without a sort of ‘core’ pack it became apparent that the new packs can easily feel empty and wanting more. We are aiming to mend this issue!

As our style hasn’t really changed (only in minor ways) since the Hellas1 pack, we are confident that no further changes will be necessary with style, as both all of you and us the creators seem happy with their current state!

Hope you like the assets, let us know what you think, and as always,

Happy Building!
Blu&Su, The BluBerrey Team


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