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Big collection bundle containing 1368(+) Assets for Settlement Maps! Offers both _packs files for DungeonDraft and PNG files for any image editing software, (or you can repackage them into any mapmaking tool.) The bundle contains the following 14 packs: Terrain Assets CorePack | Nr.1 Oriental (Far-East themed) Assets | Nr.1 Walls&Fields Assets | Nr.1 Nordic (Viking Themed) Assets | Nr.1 Monsters&Beasts Assets | Nr.1 Hellas (Greek Themed) Assets | NR.2 Hellas (Greek Themed) Assets | Nr.1 FlyingCity (Magepunk) Assets | Nr.2 FlyingCity (Magepunk) Assets | Nr.1 Elven Assets |Nr.1 Dwarven Assets | Nr.1 Dwarven Assets | Nr.2 Desert Assets |Nr.1 Desert Assets |Nr.2 Basic City Pack | Nr.1 —– Full Price value: 39€ —– It also includes the free Terrain...
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I’ve created this bundle to give a more affordable option to get all of my assets (as of 2024 January, 100+ new assets are created every month)
The bundle contains assets in the following themes/styles:

  1. Classic, more cartoony (red roofed houses, the original (now somewhat dated) BluBerrey style)
  2. Elven (Classic Woodelf style)
  3. Dwarven (Classic Underground Dwarven style)
  4. Oriental (far east, Asian style)
  5. Nordic (Viking style)
  6. Monsters (Tribal, Orcish style)
  7. Desert (Egypt, Arabian style)
  8. Hellas (Greek, Roman style)
  9. Flying City (Arcanepunk, Sailpunk, Victorian style)

As I’ve said a new style with over 100 assets are added every month, so drop a follow and keep on the lookout!

You can also join my Patreon to gain access to a ton of content and updates, early access to all new content. You can find that by clicking here.

I also make modular tiles using these assets to make your mapmaking really quick! And last but not least I also make map Borders and Accessory packs that you can use to finish up your maps. Check out my shop profile to find those!

You will find a big ZIP file and individual Pack folders inside that you can install one by one. As always, the packs include both _pack file for DungeonDraft, and PNG files to be used in any image editor, or packaged into any mapmaking tool.

And as always,

Happy Building!


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Install guide at the beginning. Overarching DungeonDraft tutorial after!


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