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Fantasy Building Icons

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As I was working on my Vaasa and Damara map I realised I needed to have a nice set of custom icons for locations. Previously I had only a village, town and city icon but I wanted more unique buildings.

These might be super helpful for anyone else working on maps themselves so I’ve put these up as a “Version 1”

There are plenty more to do as I work on more maps in the future so I’ll keep adding to this. Things like, elven settlements, viking longhouses, pyramids, etc are all things I would love to add.

So if anyone has any other requests for icons they want to see, let me know!

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  1. pumpkinhead9092 (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful. These are complex, yet simple enough to work on most maps. Can’t wait to use these! Great work!

  2. Zebastul (verified owner)

    The detailing is so rich. I love them! Thank you for your hard work!

  3. Lulullia (verified owner)

  4. MeridarchGekkota (verified owner)

  5. BeanOfBirbs (verified owner)

    These are simply gorgeous. I’d love to see Asian/eastern structure icons from you, I’m sure they would be fantastic.

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