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Add to your collection of BluBerrey goodies for free! This Core pack is the foundation of all terrain elements you’ll need in making city maps with my other asset and tile packs!They are the perfect starting point and pretty much a must have. It being free is just an added bonus, so now you really don’t have any reasons not to get it!:D Enjoy the pack, let me know what you think!
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Hey There!

So, this is a big pack! It has been much needed though, I think you’d all agree!

Through the years I’ve accumulated a good number of packs, with thousands of tiles/assets/textures/paths, and for the most part I’ve kept a pretty consistent style/coloration/sizing for my assets.

Even with my best efforts, it always felt to me that there needs to be a core to the packs, one pack that would have all the necessary assets, paths and textures in it to make your city map building that much easier!

As a result I’m starting a new Series of packs, the first of which you will be able to download below! I will make it a free pack, as I believe everyone and anyone who is using my packs should access to this as it has all the core terrain elements that you could need.

I’ll keep expanding this every now and then, and of course give coloration variants and other goodies as time goes on. I will constantly string these packs together and show them as THE pack you need, to start making settlement maps:)

As a result, please write to me in the comments, what other assets/paths/textures you could imagine/need in the next, Part2 of this Terrain pack series!

Hope you like the goodies and as always,

Happy Building!:)

You will find both the DungeonDraft _pack file and all the PNGs in side the provided ZIP folder! Unzip with any file packaging app (7zip, winrar, winzip etc.) and enjoy!


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