Walls&Fields TilePack |Nr.1| (25 modular expa...


A whole band of new tiles for outside areas of your settlements. fields, farms, forests, manufactures, a new paliside system and more! 25 brand new tiles to add to your collection!
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There is a new mega-tile (one of my personal favorites) A race-track, made up of 2 tiles.
There are new palisade walls you can use to create an outer wall-layer, or a complete settlement (using some of the base tiles).

New farms (windmill, cow pasture, grain farms, vineyards), forest-tiles, many cliffs and elevations, an army camp, individual small villages and hamlets, a new ruins tile, an ‘outside the walls’ cemetery on top of a hill, a lumberyard and last but not least a leatherworks manufacture, coloring and refining rough leathers from the neighboring wilds and fields.

And as always,
Happy Building!

You will find both the DungeonDraft _pack file and all the PNGs in side the provided ZIP folder! Unzip with any file packaging app (7zip, winrar, winzip etc.) and enjoy!


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