Order Objects For Hex Maps

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A simple mod with a specific application to rearrange the order of perspective hex objects by their Y position.
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Order Display of Objects by Y Position

A very simple mod to make Dungeondraft act a little like Wonderdraft for objects and have objects with a lower y position to be displayed behind ones with higher y position values.

This is primarily intended for use with assets with a slight consistent perspective in particular 2MTT World Hex assets.

Primary Usage – 2MTT World Map Hex Assets

The expected use case for this mod is for use with 2MTT Hex assets. It is assumed that base hexes will be placed at, say, layer 100 with roads at, say, layer 200 and buildings at, say, layer 300.

The easiest way to makes these maps is for the hexes to align to 2 squares in height and for the “Custom Snap Mod” to be installed with the snap set to 1/4 square.

Suggested Linked Content

Custom Snap Mod by Hieronymos

World Map Hex Tiles by 2-Minute Tabletop


The tool can be found under the Objects Menu. Note that implementation of the change can not be undone.


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