Crave’s HUGE Light Pack

Cool mood lighting for your Dungeondraft maps … now with over 300 lights!


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  • Enhance your maps with a growing collection of different kinds of lights:

    Wall mounted
    Sets and clusters
    Window and door spills
    Radiant, streams, hazes and fires
    Portals, timecracks and magic circles
    “Gobos”: lights in shapes – skulls, glyphs, big X’s, metagame objects (d20s) and SO MANY MORE!
    L.E.O. LIGHT ENHANCED OBJECTS: a matching set of objects and lights for great overlays!

    Many variants in different directions and sizes.

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Requests accepted! Many many more to come! I’m having too much fun![/SIZE]

License information


All work below created by Douglas Craven, Ajax, Ontario using Maya. Photoshop and Illustrator Attribution-NonCommercial (CC BY-NC) EXCEPT FOR: [LIST] [*]Logos for Character Classes, Adventure League and Dungeon and Dragons © Wizards of the Coast [LIST] [*]Use governed by Fan Content Policy [*]As Authorized by Wizards of the Coast email, June 8 2020 [/LIST] [*]Logos for Dungeondraft, Wonderdraft and Megasploot are © Megasploot [LIST] [*] [/LIST] [*]Skull Vector Art - non-commercial use [LIST] [*] [/LIST] [*]Palm D’or – non-commercial use DMCA [LIST] [*] [/LIST] [*]Icelandic Magical Staves – non-commerical use, DMCA [LIST] [*] [/LIST] [*]One Ring Inscription – non-commerical use DMCA [LIST] [*] [/LIST] [*]D20 Vector Drawing – non-commercial use, DMCA [LIST] [*] [/LIST] [*]Sanctuary Font by Chad Savage [LIST] [*] – free for commercial/non-commercial [/LIST] [/LIST]

Douglas Craven, Ajax, Ontario

Extra information

Mythkeeper compatible


  1. greenrowan (verified owner)

    These are awesome! I love the light effects that you can make with this pack.

  2. Chaosmeister (verified owner)

  3. hermyn (verified owner)

    Needed a lot of spotlight, that’s perfect!

  4. PsychoWedge (verified owner)

  5. AurelTristen

    I’m not sure if I’ll show as a (verified owner) this great light pack was super useful. I used the lights in conjunction with FA’s assets and the players were happy with the results.

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