Star Wars Asset Pack I

A very comprehensive Sci-Fi/Star Wars-themed asset pack; The 1st one in a possible series!


Downloads: 11599

File Size: 54.5MB

429 Objects
16 Paths
4 Portals
11 Simple Tilesets

Special thanks to @Zalkenai#1923 , @EightBitz#2196 , and other users on the Megasploot Discord for helping me troubleshoot technical issues during the process of creating my first asset pack (this one). Though a tough learning experience, it was well worth it and I will continue to use their tricks and advice when I make more asset packs in the possible future.

As an avid fan of the Star Wars universe, I created this pack with the intention of making battlemaps for a Star Wars 5e campaign which I have been planning for some time now. It’s free to all Dungeondraft users, and I hope it can help those among them who are planning to run Sci-Fi themed tabletop games.

May the Force be with you!

P.S. You can find me on Discord @ DZPZ#4073 if you have any questions/problems with it, or just to give appreciation 😀

P.S.S. Here’s the link to the sample image, which is an actual battlemap: [MEDIA=imgur]a/TRZg2dX[/MEDIA]

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  1. Maugrim8866 (verified owner)

    A great start on some good SciFi assets

  2. Elifina (verified owner)

    Just having a decent sci-fi asset is exciting! Thank you!

  3. wolfs5529 (verified owner)

    Hopefully the beginning of a great Star Wars collection! Keep up the great work

  4. Chaosmeister (verified owner)

  5. Jacob Dunning (verified owner)

    Some solid sci-fi/modern assets in here that are going to be incredibly useful!

  6. Exile of Broken Sky (verified owner)

    Only thing it needs is some droids

  7. jpirmao37

    Amazing. There is a severe lack of quality Star Wars assets and I hope you will be the one to change that. Thank you for your work.

  8. doctorgate

    The materials in it look great, but they aren’t tagged at all making finding things from it difficult.

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