Rules regarding scripts (and mods)

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Rules regarding scripts (and mods)

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These rules aim to ensure that all scripts on CartographyAssets are trustworthy, reliable, and safe for users, while also promoting an atmosphere of creativity and cooperation within the community. All mods and scripts must follow the rules below.

Scripts that do not adhere to these rules will be removed without warning.

No Malicious Scripts

Posting malicious scripts will result in an immediate ban from the platform, and the script will be removed.

Comprehensive notes

All scripts must include comprehensive comments that explain the purpose of each part of the script, how it works, and any prerequisites or limitations.

Working state verification required

The creator must test the script and indicate that it has been “Verified to work with Dungeondraft”.

No unauthorized modifications

Scripts may not be modified and re-released as new scripts without the original creator’s consent, and must link back to the original script on CartographyAssets.

Open-source friendly

Creators are encouraged to make their script open-source and share the source code with the community.