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This product is the commercial use licence for the First Anniversary Bundle – ASSETS NOT INCLUDED
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ATTENTION!  Please read the following:

This product is the licence and does not include any assets.  Please also buy the personal use products sold separately (e.g., Epsilon7430 First Anniversary Bundle, other bundles, and/or the individual personal use packs).

Please retain proof of purchase and familiarize yourself with the terms of use laid out in my Licence Agreement.

NOTE about avoiding duplicate purchases: this product is a commercial use licence for 25 personal use packs and is offered for convenience to save you having to find and add the individual commercial licence products to your cart.  After purchasing this bundle, don’t purchase the individual commercial licence products!  You are responsible for avoiding duplicate purchases, individually or in bulk, past or future, or across the multiverse. 

This product grants commercial use licence for the following 25 packs, listed alphabetically:

  • Architect’s Pack 1
  • Architect’s Pack 2
  • Architect’s Pack 3
  • Architect’s Pack 4
  • Architect’s Pack 5)
  • Astral-Ethereal Theme Pack
  • Bloody Bones Terrain Pack
  • Colorful Caves Pack
  • Cyber Tiles Pack
  • Drylands Pack
  • Enchanted Terrain Pack
  • Horror Terrain Pack
  • Ice Pack
  • Infinite Lands Brush Pack
  • Landforms Pack
  • Modular Dungeon 1 Expansion 1 (separate CU licence not available)
  • Modular Dungeon 1 Foundation (separate CU licence not available)
  • Rock Terrain Pack 1
  • Rock Terrain Pack 2
  • Sci-Fitecture Pack)
  • Topo Map Kit 1 for Wonderdraft
  • Topo Trees Pack
  • Underdark Cities for Dungeondraft
  • Wastelands Pack
  • Water on the Rocks Pack

Artist Credits: parts of the bundle pack cover art showcases assets created by White Fox Works, Anzhc, and Turambar.

Visit for my free maps and to support my art.

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