Rainbow Objects Script

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This script randomized the color of a (colorable) object in Dungeondraft.
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Rainbow Objects

This script randomized the color of a (colorable) object in Dungeondraft.

WARNING: Do not use Lightning Mode if you have epilepsy or are sensitive to strobe lights.
Should you get the feeling of being “hypnotized” when using the tool, that would be a strong indication that you might not be aware that you are epileptic or sensitive to strobe lights, in which case I strongly recommend you visit a medical professional.


  • Use in ScatterTool
  • Limiting randomization to specific color spectrums
  • Save used color(s)
  • And more!


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Dungeondraft Version Newborn Phoenix
Adheres to Script Rules yes
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Update 1.1

  • [Change] Changed the initial speed in which the colors change from one to another to make the tool usable for people who may suffer from epilepsy or are sensitive to strobe lights.
  • [Added] Lightning Mode - faster speed in which colors change
  • [Moved] Moved the mod from its own panel to inside Objects Panel
  • [Added] Added a warning text under Lightning Mode to warn users about possible risks it may be to some.


Mod released


How to Install

Extract the .zip file in mods in your Dungeondraft folder.