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This mod adds a layers panel to Dungeondraft allowing you to easily view and select objects from your layers.
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This mod adds a layers panel to Dungeondraft.

It allows you to view the names and layers of the selectable objects on your map and easily search and select them.

It is intended to give a better way of selecting objects in large maps, particularly difficult-to-select objects like shadows, overlapping objects, and patterns.

The layers panel is visible while the Select tool is active. You can:

  • Easily select objects from the panel
  • Search for objects by name
  • Easily select prefabs and patterns (no more pattern select bug!)
  • See the order of objects on the layer
  • Remember the name of already-placed objects, making it easy to search for them in other tools

To install, unzip the file to your mod directory.


  1. Naddox

    Good mod, I would love if it added the ability to click & drag objects to different layers and maybe the option to add new layers. Still a good mod.

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