Terrain Presets

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Terrain Presets! This mod adds the ability to save, modify and load sets of terrains, called biomes. This allows for better compatibility with custom terrains and asset packs.
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This mod improves the Terrain Brush tool, adding the ability to create new biomes, and save / load them to a presets file. This mod improves compatibility with custom asset packs and terrains.

Please note, this mod is still in beta, and may be buggy while development continues. Compatibility between updates is not guaranteed at the moment.


This mod is incompatible with any other mod that modifies terrains or the terrain brush tool, as it overrides the default behavior of the tool itself.



  • Save / load biomes to a preset file
    • Please note: If you do not save the biomes file prior to closing your map or reloading the biomes, you will lose your terrain settings!
  • Create new biomes with a distinct name
  • Delete biomes from biome list
  • Compatibility with ‘Unlock 4 more slots’ button


  • Saving chosen biomes between maps
  • Saving multiple presets in different files


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    How to Install

    Download the most recent release and unzip all the contents into your Dungeondraft mod directory