Skront’s Farm and Field


Various farm-related assets similar to the native Dungeondraft style. 
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If your quaint villages and wheat fields have been seeming a bit less lively than you’d like, this pack might be what you need. It includes 7 different shades of grass terrain and materials, three different shades of thatched roof, and 79 objects, many colorable. The terrain/materials are in 5 standard shades, from dead to vibrant, with golden and silver included just for fun. The objects range between a whole slew of colorable barrels and sacks, colorable grain, hay, and straw, and a variety of tools – including shovels, a scythe, a hammer, a thresher, and brooms. My favorite might be the two-person saw, though the tiny screwdriver and screws are close. I hope your harvests can be bountiful with the help of this pack!


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Please don't modify or resell these assets! If you use them and would like to attribute them that's nice, but not required.

Commercial versions of some of my packs, this included, are shown on my shop page.

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Version 1.1: Added larger barrels, updated multiple tools to have colorable areas, and added metal shines to many objects.

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1.15.2022: fixed display error in terrain and materials


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