Fantasy & Fairy Tale 32 High res .ABR Photosh...


Fantasy & Fairy old map elements, 32 High rs .ABR files ready to use !
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Fantasy & Fairy Tale 32 High res .ABR Photoshop brushes content :

  • 4 fairy trees
  • 1 fairy light
  • 2 woods animals : deer & boar
  • 4 Fairy mountains
  • 4 hills
  • 3 mud pillars
  • 4 Fairy clouds
  • 3 Grassy cliffs
  • 1 Castle
  • 1 Village
  • 1 Town
  • 1 City
  • 1 Forest town
  • 1 House
  • 1 Tower

Have a good mapping !


1. Download and unzip the product file.

2. In Photoshop, open the ‘BRUSHES TAB’. this can be found in the ‘WINDOWS>BRUSHES’ menu.

3. Access the Tab’s right-hand corner menu and select ‘IMPORT BRUSHES’.

4. Navigate to where you’ve saved the brush pack file, select one and click ‘LOAD’. The brushes will now be available to use.

Repeat the process for all of the brush pack files.

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