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One brand new Wonderdraft asset every two days !

Take your game to Dungeons & Dragons or Skyrim world with this hand drawn complete vintage collection of D&D and Skyrim inspired assets, designed for Wonderdraft, but easily usable in other software.

Pack content :

  • Brand new theme with custom water texture, custom ground texture and three custom fonts
  • Stylized cartouche (sample color & custom color)
  • Inked Banner (sample color)
  • Compass rose (sample color & custom color)
  • Archer (sample color & custom color)
  • Knight (sample color & custom color)
  • Two different dragons (sample color & custom color)
  • Three different sea monsters (sample color & custom color)
  • Three different rowboats with people (sample color & custom color)
  • Longship (sample color & custom color)
  • Castle (sample color & custom color)
  • Town (sample color & custom color)
  • City (sample color & custom color)
  • Nordic town different sea monsters (sample color & custom color)
  • Nordic village (sample color & custom color)
  • Two different wooden huts (sample color & custom color)
  • Dungeon (sample color & custom color)
  • Medieval tent (sample color & custom color)
  • Cornfield (sample color)
  • High mountains (sample color)
  • Low mountains (sample color)
  • Footprints or plains (sample color)
  • Magic site (sample color)
  • Two different caves into mountains (sample color)
  • Rounded pines (sample color)
  • Winter pines (sample color)
  • High pines (sample color)
  • Tall grass (sample color)
  • Deer (sample color & custom color)
  • Boar (sample color & custom color)

Sample Color – you can change their coloring and you can paint it with a colored brush.

Custom Color – their coloring can be user defined.

have a good mapping ! 

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Installation Instructions

Manual Installation:

After you have downloaded the zipped file unzip it into an empty folder.

You will have two new folders: ‘assets’ and ‘themes’. Locate your Wonderdraft custom assets and themes folder.

Copy and paste both assets and themes folders into your Wonderdraft folder and merge with existent folders.

Mythkeeper Installation:

When Mythkeeper is launched click on the ‘Install from local file’ icon at the top. Locate Fantasy “D&D & Skyrim Inspired complete” and click on Open.

A warning message may appear, just ignore and click on the Install button.


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