TOLKIEN / THE LORD OF THE RINGS INSPIRED VINTAGE ASSETS PACK (and other fantasy inspirations) – COMPLETE PACK WITH INSANE AMOUNT OF ASSETS (more than 110 assets !) – Commercial use allowed

More than 110 varied assets inspired by Tolkien books and also other well known fantasy fictions ! Shared with you for a handmade and warm map feel !


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Increase the diversity of your worlds and create unforgettable maps with this hand drawn stylized complete vintage collection of an insane amount of fantasy and medieval assets inspired by Tolkien but by other fantasy fictions too ! designed for Wonderdraft, but easily usable in other software (Wonderdraft assets are just .png files).

Pack content :

( each assets has 2 variations : custom colors and sample color, and sometimes normal color variation too).

Settlements assets :

  • gallows
  • captive princess tower
  • lord castle
  • vintage windmill
  • city of traps
  • king lich fortress
  • simple house
  • tribe hut
  • fantasy lighthouse
  • ruined city
  • arabian fortress
  • imperial fantasy city
  • dark elves town
  • weird abstract structure
  • medieval castle
  • wooden bridge
  • holy temple
  • city of thieves
  • lord domain
  • wagon camp
  • wizarding school
  • fantasy tribe town
  • medieval military fort
  • peaceful village
  • grotesque temple
  • friendly sailing ship

Trees assets :

  • enchanted forest trees
  • dead trees
  • king Arthur’s forest trees
  • tall palm trees
  • dreamlike forest
  • giant pine trees
  • countryside trees

mountains assets :

  • fighting fantasy mountains
  • The Witcher inspired mountains
  • badlands plateaus
  • lush mountains
  • unexplored mountains
  • Elden Ring inspired hills
  • Hyborian mountain ranges
  • Nordic fortress

Sample Color – you can change their coloring and you can paint it with a colored brush.

Custom colors – their coloring can be user defined.

Normal Color – their coloring is predefined.

have a good mapping ! 

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Installation Instructions

Manual Installation

After you have downloaded the zipped file unzip it into an empty folder.

You will have a new folder: ‘Tolkien the lords of the Rings inspired pack’. Locate your Wonderdraft assets folder.

Copy and paste ‘Tolkien the lords of the Rings inspired pack’ folder into your Wonderdraft assets folder.

Mythkeeper Installation

When Mythkeeper is launched click on the ‘Install from local file’ icon at the top. Locate “Tolkien the lords of the Rings inspired” and click on Open.

Next just click on the Install button.

More information

The item has been verified to work with Wonderdraft.This asset is compatible with Mythkeeper.

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