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Find the fjord of your dreams – ASSETS INCLUDED
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Speaking from experience, searching online for interesting coastlines – that are actually useable – can be frustrating.

The Infinite Lands Heightmap Collection Pack includes a series of 20 procedurally generated heightmaps that offer more coastal detail compared to default Wonderdraft terrain.  Each height map is 1024 pixels square; Wonderdraft imports and scales as required to fit your map’s dimensions.  Terrain variations are infinite through overlaying heightmaps, including those generated by Wonderdraft.  For even more variations, and to isolate that perfect peninsula, you can use your favorite graphic software to invert the heightmaps (to swap land with water).   Pack also includes matching black/white land masks based on a default sea level.

This pack is licensed for commercial use.

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A sample land mask from the collection (pack contains a matching heightmap with complete elevation range):


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Commercial use licence. See Licence Agreement.

This licence allows commercial use of the pack's assets in your derived products, e.g., maps, video broadcasts. You are also allowed to make modifications to the assets, however, sharing or reselling original and modified assets is forbidden.

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V1.3 - replaced licence.txt with Google Drive link to licence file.

V1.2 - updated licence.txt file

V1.1 - added 2 heightmaps - because they are fantastic - to bring the collection to 20.


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