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The journey from Deep Blancscar has been a long and arduous slog for many days through utter blackness – our small lamps barely lighting the path. “Just as well, as a bright light in the dark is like asking to be dead”, intones our deep dwarf guide, more times than I can count. About 5 days on, some of us with keener eyes notice a glow growing in the distance and the air shifts with a tinge of fragrant meadow. Minutes later, we arrive at the entrance of a subterranean cavern so vast and luminous that our eyes blur with tears.

This pack was inspired by my popular Underdark Cities Map Pack, and is the first release in a 4K Terrain Map Series.  These 60×60 70px grid cell maps can be used for surface or Underdark adventures and are useful for destination overview maps, regional maps, city maps, and hex crawls. The super high resolution allows you to double the map page size to 120×120, meaning you can have character tokens running about.

The pack features 9 variants of a 4K high-resolution terrain map (webp format):

  • 4 cavern maps in fey and night colors, with and without buildings
  • 5 landscape maps in brown, green, fey and night versions, and some treed

Please read my Licence AgreementThis pack is licensed for personal use.

Visit https://ko-fi.com/epsilon7430 for maps and to support my art.


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60x60 70px grid cells.

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This map pack was made with Quadspinner Gaea and Clip Studio Paint.

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