Astral Ethereal Theme Pack (v1.6)


An extra-planar inspired pack
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Extend your world map beyond the Prime Material Plane.

This asset pack includes a Wonderdraft theme pack and a Dungeondraft pack file!

The Wonderdraft theme pack includes 2 texture matching themes, 1 ground texture, 5 “water” textures, 1 silver cord path, and 9 unique planar gate symbols that offer views into your multiverse (white and colorable).  Tip for best results: place your planar gates on a symbol level above any terrain assets that are visible inside the portal and hide land edges by coloring land/water Astral White.

The Dungeondraft pack includes colorable planar gates, the silver cord path, and two astral terrains.

This pack is licensed for personal use.  A commercial use licence is available in my store.

Visit for my free maps and to support my art.

The map below was made with Anzhc terrain assets and the stock Wonderdraft Pastel theme.

Planar gate symbols can also be used in other types of maps, like the example below, made with stock Wonderdraft and symbols by T.A. Mapping.


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A commercial license can be purchased here
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Personal use only.  Fan-Content sharing allowed.  See Licence Agreement.

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Verified to Work With Dungeondraft, Wonderdraft
Mythkeeper Compatible

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V1.6 - replaced licence.txt with Google Drive link to licence file.

V1.5 - updated LICENCE.TXT to a Licence Agreement that states terms for Personal Use and Commercial Use of pack content.

V1.4 - improved the planar gates and added terrains to Dungeondraft pack

V1.3 - added Dungeondraft pack file that includes colorable planar gate objects and silver cord path.

V1.2 - enhanced ground and water textures.

V1.1 - added 9 custom colorable planar gate symbols.


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