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Why the Hyborian Age (from Conan) is a treasure tr...

Are you a fan of Conan the Barbarian and his epic adventures through the world of Hyboria? And do you love creating your own fantasy maps ? This article is for you !

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First, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane. Conan the Barbarian is a classic work of fantasy fiction, originally created by Robert E. Howard in the 1930s. Since then, Conan has become a pop culture icon, appearing in countless comics, movies, and video games. If you haven’t read the original stories, I highly recommend them – they’re packed with action, adventure, and all the sword and sorcery you could ask for.

First issue of Conan comics.

Some examples of images that I drew inspiration from.

Now, let’s plunge into the captivating connections between Conan the Barbarian and fantasy maps, with a special focus on the representation of the world in which Conan resides – the Hyborian Age. But hold onto your hats, because we’re about to take a detour through the arid desert regions that are as dry as a wizard’s spellbook, much like those you’ll find in the video game Conan Exiles.

The Hyborian Age, envisioned by Robert E. Howard, is a vibrant tapestry filled with ancient civilizations, mythical creatures, and epic escapades. It’s a playground of inspiration for fantasy cartographers itching to unleash their creative fury and bring this world to life on the pages of maps.

As we explore fantasy maps inspired by Conan’s world, we’ll stumble upon rugged landscapes peppered with majestic cities rising like oases amidst the desert sands. We’ll traverse sprawling forests where the trees whisper secrets of forgotten times, and we’ll dare to scale treacherous mountain ranges that guard ancient ruins and mysterious relics. These maps capture the essence of the Hyborian Age, offering a peek into the untamed wilderness and the civilized realms where Conan’s adventures unfold.

But it’s not just about geographical wonders; fantasy maps inspired by Conan’s world also delve into the cultural and political landscapes of the Hyborian Age. Prepare to be mesmerized by intricate details depicting diverse kingdoms, city-states, and nomadic tribes, each with its own saga of history, customs, and squabbles over who gets the last piece of dragon meat at the dinner table.

Furthermore, these maps provide a canvas to explore the thrilling themes and motifs found in Conan’s exploits. From the clash of civilizations to the eternal struggle for power and survival, these maps offer a visual narrative that complements the hair-raising tales found in Howard’s original works.

And let’s not forget the artistic panache that fantasy cartographers infuse into their maps. From detailed illustrations of mythical creatures to elaborate border designs inspired by ancient civilizations, these maps are a feast for the eyes and a call to adventure for the soul.

But in Conan Fictions ?

When exploring Conan’s works, one notices that there are no depictions of the world, whether in novels, or the first comics. This is quite unusual in the realm of fantasy, where many novels are accompanied by detailed maps to help readers navigate the fictional universe. In fact, Conan is one of the few fantasy novels, akin to the Harry Potter series, that lacks a map.

Despite the absence of maps in Conan’s works, the universe created by Robert E. Howard is incredibly rich and evocative. The descriptions of places, landscapes, and cultures transport readers into a vibrant and mysterious world. This leaves plenty of room for imagination, allowing each reader to visualize Conan’s world in their own unique way.

While the lack of maps may seem like a drawback to some, it also offers creative freedom. Without being confined to a specific cartographic representation, readers are free to explore and interpret Conan’s universe according to their own vision. This stimulates the imagination and invites deeper exploration of Conan’s world through the eyes of each reader.

Ultimately, while Conan’s works do not provide maps to guide readers through his world, they offer an immersive and inspirational experience that leaves a lasting impression. It is this narrative richness and freedom of interpretation that have deeply inspired me to create an asset pack dedicated to Conan the Barbarian. I aim to capture the spirit and adventure of this unique universe, allowing creators to bring their own stories to life in Conan’s wild and mysterious world.

In conclusion, Conan the Barbarian’s world is a treasure trove of inspiration for fantasy cartographers, offering a plethora of material to explore and interpret on their maps. So, whether you’re a die-hard fan of Howard’s tales or just someone who enjoys a good romp through the desert sands, fantasy maps inspired by Conan’s world are sure to tickle your fancy and whisk you away on an unforgettable journey through realms of adventures.

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