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Hi folks,

This is my first contribution to anything community-related, but I’m excited to keep challenging myself over time.

Luminosity is a lighting effects module pack for Dungeondraft. Here you’ll find various lights, some more traditional than others by far, designed to help you really punch up those dimly-lit corridors and dark, evil lairs. :sneaky:

She also includes the “neutral” terrain that I used in the background of the preview image, if that’s something you’re interested in, though I doubt it’s why you clicked here, lol.

Luminosity features a current complete image total of 114 lights, composed of

  • 15 UNIQUE Categories (inspiration from which the light developed) broken down into
  • 29 UNIQUE Types (changes in shape – strongly noticeable!) as well as
  • 59 UNIQUE Variants (types redone entirely in new textures, as well as changes accomplished through filters, all in the name of a new feel to that same light; some are more noticable than others) and rounded out additionally by
  • 26 UNIQUE Alternatives (types/variants which are spruced up with some form of simple cosmetic options like halos or bloom), and completely ignoring the
  • 0 REUSED assets flipped/rotated/turned (sorry, but I don’t have the wits to deal with that nonsense, lmao; also seriously pls Sploot, just give us rotation/flip for lights T_T); FOR NOW – I will begin including packs which are an alternative which contain just the pngs, so if you really, really super need to turn/flip/rotate, feel free to adjust and do that all for yourself!
  • Supporting lights designed for use with other custom user asset packs, such as Nexoness’ Chandelier Pack, and Stovetop’s Antediluvian Architecture

Check the “Updates” tab for any additional info you might want to know about the pack, and don’t forget to show me if you have something you’re proud of that uses Luminosity and maybe leave a rating if you can remember to tag that button; I’m always happy to get feedback and seeing them used helps me to get more ideas!


Note:  I’m currently getting back to work now after a hiatus from waiting for response on my permanent residency application (yay, I’m Canadian approved!). Any donations you might consider are greatly appreciated. :)


  1. Nights Truthblade (verified owner)

    Hey; Saw you were hankering for a rating, and figured I’d pitch in. This is one of my favorite asset packs, and I love the effects I can create with it. By far my favorite light sources from this pack are the “fuzzy” lights. I’ve used them to great effect when I needed a sickly, almost “radioactive” vibe, as well as for a sort of dappled look

    I also love most of the new lights you’ve added in this update: I’m sure I can, for example, find a use for those almost “vortex-like” lights. They’re not as useful as they could be if Dungeondraft allowed us to rotate light sources, but I’m sure that feature will come in time!

    As for what I’d like to see in the future, I’d honestly love some funky things like maybe rune circles or some sigils. Maybe a couple of flames? Either way, I look forward to whatever you bring next.

    Anyway, this review’s gone on long enough. Keep up the good work!

  2. PsychoWedge (verified owner)

  3. Matt

    Unfortunately this pack appears to be corrupted. Dungeondraft reports it as an invalid pack file.

    • Nexoness

      The file should now be fixed, if not let me know.

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