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The Maelstrom of the Sea Assets for Wonderdraft

Creator:  JChunick

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There are two assets in this pack, with one and three-colour colourable variations of each. Each is colourable using the Custom Colors. One of the assets is a head-on version and the other asset is a flatter, more angled version giving it more of a 3D effect. Both were made from my tropical water texture.

To set the colours, simply click on the colour swatches under Custom Colors (see image below, for reference). One will require the first colour swatch to be set, the other version will require all three swatches be set to best match the colour of your water.

I get the effect in the images below by overlaying each version, the single coloured one on top of the three colour one. You can use them individually or in tandem to get various effects. You can even use them for a magical portal.

Have fun experimenting!

Sample of maelstrom in a map.
[ATTACH alt=”maelstrom-sample.jpg”]733[/ATTACH]

Custom Color settings.
[ATTACH alt=”custom-colors-example.png”]734[/ATTACH]

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See Personal-Use-License (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).txt in the root folder.
Josh Chunick

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  1. Nexoness (verified owner)

    Custom colours work really well but take two or three times to get right, but over-all great asset (as usual)!

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