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Simple Town/City/Point of Interest Symbols


Circular symbols in white, black, and red

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Simple circular symbols with an Axis & Allies feel to them to represent settlements and other points of interest on an overland map. There is:

[*]Solid white
[*]Solid black
[*]Solid red
[*]Black w/ white band
[*]Red w/ white band & black border
[*]Red w/ white band
[*]White w/ black band
[*]Red w/ black band & star
[*]Red with black border & star
[*]Red with black border & star, & white band
[*]Black with white band & star

Some folks at reddit saw these on a map of mine and requested I upload them, so here they are! An example map using the black/white symbols is pictured under “preview.” The symbols are quite large but can be scaled down easily in an image editing program if that presents a problem.

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Tyler Lineback

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