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Japanese Castle Town by 2-Minute Tabletop


29 Japanese houses, an island castle, and a few extras in a pencil style.

Creator:  chanquach

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Made from 2-Minute Tabletop’s Castle Town and Japanese Village, these houses have been cut and altered to become individual assets for mapmaking. The “originals” have not been included as symbols because they are not assets per se but full maps.

Modifications include slight changes to the lineart for more variety, filling out partial buildings, flipping and refitting to perspective, and changing solid inked lines to pencil lines to unify the set’s overall look.

For more assets like temples, businesses, and bridges in the same style, look for Silkarch, an expansion that grows the town into a bustling city.

Recommended Assets:
Silkarch by Chan
Wonderdraft’s default HD trees

To Install:
Unzip the file and add the folder into assets
If the path is different, open Wonderdraft and in the top left menu, select Open User Folder, go into assets, then add folder named Japanese Castle Town by 2 Minute Tabletop that you unzipped.
Try not to mess with the files or they might become Mythkeeper or Wonderdraft incompatible.

Summary of Assets (48 total):
Castle on an island
Tiny tree
Rocky shore with houses

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