Caeora: Blue Sword Games & Elvanos – Map Icons

A map icon pack with colorable outline & colorable textured icons.


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This is an update to a pack originally uploaded by Caeora from Blue Sword Games which can be found here through his website: 

This version contains:

  • All icons from the original pack, with the exception of the Crater icon in the textured versions (still available as an outline)
  • Fixed color profiles for all icons
  • Proper WD structure for the icons
  • Mythkeeper compatibility
  • Custom colorability for outlines
  • Flat textures icons for every icon except for the Crater icon
  • Colorable flat text texture icons using custom colors from WD except for the Crater icon

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Not specifically tailored for any software

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  1. Lulullia (verified owner)

  2. meomeomeo (verified owner)

    Outstanding work, great use for all kinds of fantasy maps!

  3. MeridarchGekkota (verified owner)

  4. Sada (verified owner)

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