Map Pins

A set of pins that can be used to mark locations on your map.


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This pack contains 5 pin styles, of which there are:
[*]Plain black and white versions of each style
[*]Plain Sample Color versions of each style (for use in Wonderdraft), and
[*]3 to 4 patterned Custom Color versions of each style (for use in Wonderdraft).
All files are PNGs.

A tips and tricks document is included that helps to explain how to use Custom Colors.

[ATTACH type=”full” alt=”458″]458[/ATTACH]

License information

You are welcome to: [LIST] [*]Use these icons for personal use. [*]Use these icons to create something in Wonderdraft for commercial use. [/LIST] Please do not: [LIST] [*]Sell these icons. [*]Re-package any of these icons and attempt to pass them off as your own. [/LIST]

Extra information

Mythkeeper compatible


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