Feast & Flowers


These are hand-drawn illustrated assets featuring more food objects, some flowers, and other objects that make it more appropriate for dining. (Because I think the center piece being a skull candle is a great conversation starter) 
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There are 217 objects (40 of which a colorable) and 2 paths.

Nothing here is AI generated (I’ll bet my drawing hand on it)

I’ve included the raw imaged in the zip folder so they can be used and even converted to other make-makers.

Has dungeondraft.pack file for ready use.

Any feedbacks or errors can be submitted in the store reviews. And support to encourage me to make more will also be seen by me. :3


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How to Install

For Dungeondraft:

Unzip the file and extract the file to where the Dungeondraft asset file is located it may read as such: C:Users(username)DocumentsDungeonCraftAssets

File Name - Feasts_and_Flowers_Pack.dungeondraft_pack.

(Double check to ensure the file type is .pack not .pac)

Since this is my first time uploading a zip file, chances are the pack file might be buried in png files that you can simple move to the correct folder and simple move the pngs elsewhere.