The Multiverse Mega-Dungeon! [Creator Collab]


A collaboration between 16 creators to create a Multiverse Mega-Dungeon!A seamless map version and individual map versions available all for free!
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It’s the 5 year anniversary for Cartographyassets! The website started out in 2018, and now its the end of 2023, what a ride it’s been. It went from a platform hosting purely free content to one where creators get to finance their hard work and make loads more wonderful goodies. Glad to say there still lots of free content available! The site has grown and will continue to grow with the goal of making content better and more accessible to all! As a way to celebrate this milestone, 16 creators came together to create a little thank you to everyone who has supported us along the way! The ‘thank you’ comes in the form of a classic Mega-Dungeon for those times when you don’t have a session prepped! So by all means, enjoy! 

 .zip folder containing the Mega Dungeon in its seamless form. 
(All maps combined into one image)
(2) A .zip containing Mega Dungeon divided into individual tiles. 
(Each room its own map)
All images come in both .JPG and .WebP format. Each format has a 140PPI version and a 256PPI version.


The Maddening Multiverse Mega-Dungeon!
The mystical weaving of the universe’s fabric creates webs of unforeseen and unforetold circumstances. What was once relied on as laws or patterns of nature, can so very easily be undone by the slightest movement of the forces with which the universe shapes itself!

The Hook:
Your players, party members, or anyone else by your side have decided to utilize a little teleportation — whether it’s through a sci-fi device, a ritually summoned portal, or perhaps even a dream. This decision resulted in things not quite going to plan for something went horribly wrong! The destination you hoped to arrive at is not there! An unknown force has cast you through several dimensions and into a random location connected by a portal. Each consecutive portal in these locations does the same! Will your party manage to get out safely? What monstrous trial and tribulations will you have to overcome?! Is this room safe, or is there a hidden danger somewhere?

The Dungeon:
The dungeon consists of 16 rooms, they are designed with a path in mind. However, feel free to change it as you wish, portals can go anywhere after all.

Yellow arrow = Path out of room 
A1-D4 = Room Designation
Green square with red arrows = Way in or out of the Mega-Dungeon (for use with other Mega-Dungeons)

The Rooms:

Creator: PeaPu 
Room name: The Safe House 
Room Blurb:
What’s this? Someone’s home? Someone’s Lair? Are you intruding upon a haven of sorts? Best hope the security isn’t too tight!
Creator Links: CartographyAssets || Patreon
Assets Used: PeaPu’s, Krager’s


Creator: Moulk
Room name: Chaos Room
Room Blurb:
You feel a rush of hot air compressing your lungs as you enter this room. The exit door is so close yet so far. How will you reach it? Will you take risks, or even more risks? You feel like these walls hold many more secrets than they let on. Perhaps you can grab a few coins, if you’re luckier than the pile of bones behind them. So many questions race through your mind. Where does this hole in the middle of the central platform lead? Is the cherry cupcake still good to eat? Why are the flames in the braziers different colors? How do you pass through the energy field in front of the exit? What’s that shining in the lava down there? Is it even lava, for that matter? And for heaven’s sake, why is there a mini potted cactus on that rock?! You need to get out of here, and fast: you can already feel your sanity deteriorating and your brain oozing out of your ears.
Creator Links: CartographyAssets (Moulk) 
Assets Used: White Fox Works’, DungeonQuill’s 

Creator: Gogots

Room name: The Madman’s Experiment
Room Blurb:
A device long in the making, this room was designed after a first successful experiment by an eccentric scientist. The knobs and dials they all have a purpose, all designed to open rifts amidst reality itself. Will you be able to figure your way out or create a disaster yet unseen!?
Creator Links: CartographyAssets || Patreon
Assets Used: Gogot’s


Creator: Epsilon7430
Room name: The Scrying Room
Room Blurb:
“The Pharaoh’s Grand Magician likes to spend as much time as they can in the Scrying Room.  For someone inclined to keeping tabs on everyone, anywhere, this room offers the best in ambience and high quality surveillance equipment.  The room features a 40 foot vaulted ceiling above a 20 foot diameter clairvoyance oculus capable of viewing any place in the multiverse, a fountain of vitality that spouts sublime water rivaling any energy drink on the market, and a memorial statue of the Magician’s favorite pet lion Mahes, that will of course animate and attack you if you dare attempt to harm its maker.

Sadly for the Magician, the Pharaoh also likes this room and cannot be denied access.  Today, thankfully, His Tremendous Divinity bores easily and departs quickly when the oculus inexplicably only shows glimpses of rugged mountain peaks through swirling clouds.  The Magician, using the oculus – now crystal clear, watches Pharaoh return to his harem, and then with a wave of hand switches the scene to scry upon fiery Phlegethos; those little devils are definitely up to something.”
Creator Links: CartographyAssets || Ko-Fi
Assets Used: Epsilon7430’s, Forgotten Adventure’s, White Fox Works’, Anzhc’s 


Creator: Skront’s Stuff
Room name: Dryad’s Haven
Room Blurb:
A little safe haven within the megadungeon, as long as you don’t offend the dryad or nymph who lives here. 
Creator Links: CartographyAssets || Patreon
Assets Used: Skront’s Stuff’s


Creator: Tiffany Munro || Ti Feed The Multiverse
Room name: Airlock
Room Blurb:
A glass hallway stretches out in front of you, windows exposing a view of a glittering expanse. Beneath the glass, complex mechanisms can be seen. The catwalk surrounding the station hallway is lit by pink LEDs and appears stable. Platforms suspended by repulsors hold tempting buttons. What will happen if they are all pushed? A red light and beeping alarm flashes on a door at the end of the hall. Airlock Active! Warning: Venting Aether Gas! In the lockers, protective suits for the party can be found, allowing passage on the outside or through the airlock. Large steel barricades contain the escaping flood of rainbow gasses to this area. 
Creator Links: CartographyAssets || Personal Website
Assets Used: Tiffany Munro’s 


Creator: Oixxo Art
Room name: The Archeologist’s Hoard
Room Blurb:
Clearly someone has constructed this space for a specific purpose. An excavation that could only take place here? Who is this that they worship and what rooms should remain locked? Try to get through without causing too much trouble lest the Archeologist notices…
Creator Links:  Patreon
Assets Used: Dungeondraft Default, Oixxo’s


Creator: Uchideshi34
Room name: Devil’s Garden
Room Blurb:
“When you walk through the garden
You gotta watch your back
Well I beg your pardon
Walk the straight and narrow track
If you walk with Lathander
He’s gonna save your soul
You got to keep the devil
Way down in the hole”
Creator Links: Reddit
Assets Used: Dungeon Mapster’s, 2-Minute-Table-Top’s


Creator: DungeonQuill
Room name: Room of Duality
Room Blurb:
The atmosphere in this chamber is an unsettling mix of harmonic serenity and draining exhaustion. Wizards, healers and necromancers alike, come here, to meditate on the duality of life and death, in hope to gain insight to the mysteries of this unending circle. Half the room is teeming with life, breathing feels light and refreshing even in this fully enclosed space. The other half seems to suck away at your stamina, leaving you slow and dim-witted. What secrets can you learn here, before this pressure of opposites forces you to use the portal to the next room?
Creator Links: CartographyAssets || Patreon
Assets Used: DungeonQuill’s


Creator: BluBerry
Room name: Liliput Settlement
Room Blurb:
A Lilliputian settlement underground. Maybe a runaway wizard’s experiment, or a long lost tiny civilization in the cavernous depths? who knows. The important part is, You must save them! A fiery river of magma breached the outer protective walls of the settlement, Fire Ifrits and other fiery beasties are running about the town. Save the little people, and they might just give you something in return
Creator Links: CartographyAssets || Patreon
Assets Used: BlueBerry’s


Creator: Doodelish
Room name: Rooms of Temptation
Room Blurb:
Enter if you dare!
There’s rest and care for those whose bodies suffer from wear!
But beware!
For not all may be as it seems.
A darkness dwells within some of these things!
What caution you take may be what shall save you from a terrible fate! 
Creator Links: CartographyAssets || Patreon
Assets Used: Dungeondraft Default, Doodelish Assets, Krager’s


Creator: Birdie’s Maps
Room name: The Doomsday Device
Room Blurb
This part shows a high energy steampunk machinery, once entered the portals deactivate. The sphere in the center contains pure energy and is deadly on touch. In the center of the sphere is a key unharmed by the energy. The players need to turn off the machinery without detonating it to continue their path.  
Creator Links: CartographyAssets || Patreon
Assets Used: 


Creator: Snowy’s Maps
Room name: Frozen Oasis
Room Blurb:
An Oasis, you’re saved!
Quench your thirst but be brave! 
For the waters bring trouble, and may make you a slave,
To the basest of instinct it’ll make you behave, 
Turn against friend as though they were foe, 
Breaking the spell will be your woe!
Creator Links: CartographyAssets || Patreon
Assets Used: AoA’s, Skront’s Stuff’s, Birdie’s Maps’


Creator: Silvia Crow
Room name: Crystal Cave
Room Blurb:
A cave filled with valuables and magical crystals, where giant mushrooms wax against a sky of stone and earth. The light here mirrors the true sky and a smell of earth and water hangs in the air. Soon another smell wafts in, one that smells metallic and slightly sweet. There are clear signs of struggle, that others have been here before and it seems that someone left. But why and does it have something to do with the crystals or maybe the fairy circle hidden away in a corner of the cave?
Creator Links:  CartographyAssets
Assets Used: Dungeondraft Default, Silvia Crow’s 


Creator: Dread Maps
Room name: Ruins of the Old God
Room Blurb:
As the Heroes venture into the Ruins of the Old Ones, the walls dissolve into nothingness, enveloped by the disorienting expanse of the Black Sea. Spatial awareness fades amidst the scorching flow of plasma mana through ancient stone, giving rise to formidable maws that echo the untethered potential pulsating like a monstrous heartbeat. In this place, life and decay intertwine in a death metal cacophony. Judging by the Heroes actions in previous rooms, could they have caused this instability? Perhaps an Eldritch mage can no longer hold the fabric of the cube together, either collapsing with a last call for action or will surrender his essence to the entity he can no longer control. The mage grins an all too big smile as his eyes sink completely into his sockets. it’s left arm retracts from the plasma flow revealing its mutated tendril form, a slithering blade of arcane power.
Creator Links: Ko-Fi
Assets Used: Caeora’s, Nick Zen’s, Inkarnate’s


: RhasmusDnD
Room name: The Altar
Room Blurb:
You’ve made it here, yet to go further,
A sacrifice you must endure,
Sacrifice too little and your greed will lead you to despair.
Creator Links: Patreon
Assets Used: Inkarnate’s, PeaPu’s 

Final words:
This project we collaborated on as creators was real fun. The best thing about it was probably that it got many creators together, talking and enjoying each other’s work. My hope is that this project inspires in whatever small way for other small creators to reach out, collaborate, communicate and create communities for each other. Art is a highly personal endeavor, but you don’t have to do it alone. There are plenty of us active on the CA Discord Server so just pop-in and say Hi if you feel like it. For users, I’d like to say that if you ever had to reach out to creators, most would gladly communicate with you and take whatever feedback you have, so don’t be shy. Often we miss rather obvious things, and the feedback can really help.  


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