FREE DungeonQuill Anniversary asset pack (2.600+ a...


A huge free asset pack to celebrate my 2 year anniversary of creating assets. Available as Dungeondraft file and individual .webp-files.
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Wow has it been two years already? Time flies…

Today is the 2 year anniversary of the DungeonQuill patreon. Two years of creating assets, interacting with my community and some awesome collaborations (of which there will be more!)
I am really grateful for the opportunity to share my work and the support and feedback it get from my patrons! This is really huge and allows me to support my wife and dog. Not to mention the chance to explore so many different themes and scales. It is really fulfilling, creatively.
I hope to be able to continue this for a very long time. Thanks to all of you!

To celebrate this day, I put together a big pack of DQ assets, new and old, containing over 2.600 assets in total! It is formatted for use in Dungeondraft. The second download includes all the individual files in .webp format. And all completely for free, so everyone can check out what was created with the support of my patrons!

The contents of the 2Y Anniversary Pack:

2.343 objects (including 255 colorables)
119 paths
24 portals
35 terrain textures
93 tilesets
24 walls

Again, thanks to my patrons and to everyone checking out my stuff!
Have fun mapping


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