Mapster Mind’s Crystals Pack 1


803 Crystal Assets for your Wonderdraft maps. Optimized for maximum artistic control and flexibility.Watch this overview for details:
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There are 7 categories

Each category has 5 styles

Each consisting of…

  • Crystal Clusters x20+
  • Short Crystals x20+
  • Large Vertical Crystals x20+
  • Large Tilted Crystals x20+
  • Crystal Groups x20+

Each grouping consists of at least 20 variations.

So that’s 7 styles of crystal, each with 5 types of groupings, each with at least 20 variations = 803 different images.
I added a copy to “mountains” and a copy to “trees” so it’s easy to mix “tree” type with mountains, and “mountains” type for mixing easily with trees for coloring purposes.

Example Map

Be sure to check out my Mushroom Forest pack!


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Mapster Mind’s Mushroom Pack 1

AoA Mountains And Hills

Gogots’Maps-Hand Draw Cartography

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