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Gogots’Maps-Hand Draw Cartography


Hand drawing assets for Wonderdraft.

Creator:  Gogots'Maps

Downloads: 5628



Hand drawing assets for Wonderdraft. Everything you need to make maps, trees, mountains, points of interest, with a handmade aspect.

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  1. micced3996

    Fantastic work!

  2. Gavin

    Fantastic work and fits really really well.

  3. Scribblette

    These are absolutely incredible. They fit in with the existing assets well, but honestly they surpass everything else I’ve seen. They include so much variety that my head was popping with ideas, and I’m supposed to be writing, not mapping! The cliffs! Oh my goodness, the variety in the cliffs! And everything!

    There’s one major down side – I don’t know of any way by which I could some day contact the creator in order to license their work for commercial printing. Of course, this is based on a few wild presumptions – for one, presuming my writing is any good, then presuming my mapping is any good, then presuming I actually wind up trying to sell my writing down the line.

    But seriously, your work here is so beautiful. I’m so happy to have the honour of getting to imagine my world all the better because of your symbols, even if it means I could never commercially use the map.

    It’s so damn good. Golly.

  4. jeff.tebo

    Excellent. Made drafting a wilderness, dwarven fortress map on perspective possible, easy and a blast to slam out. Wish I could load it up. Thank brother.

  5. ares_jr_21

    Vraiment trop classe! Merci!

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