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A collection of smallcraft tokens for Dungeondraft, suitable for Traveller and similar settings.
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This is the start of a small collection of Traveller style smallcraft – space faring vehicles less than 100t in size. They are suitable for displaying parked vehicles on a landing pad or in a docking bay. They don’t contain any internal details. They are scaled for a 1.5m grid, which means several of them are quite large.

I have only just started this pack, so it only has a few craft in it so far:

  • Gecko Fighter
  • Krait Fighter
  • Light Fighter
  • Sidewinder Scout
  • Scout Boat
  • Scout Pinnace
  • Gig
  • Launch
  • Military Gig
  • Modular Cutter
  • Orbit Shuttle
  • Pinnace
  • Ship’s Boat
  • Slow Boat
  • Slow Pinnace
  • Worm Landing Craft

They are all released as CC0/CAL NR, so are free to download and use in commercial and non-commercial works.

Individual assets (and more frequent releases) are available on Gitlab:


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