Dark Future – Mandalay NPC tokens


This is a set of NPC character tokens and art files, all  AI art created in MidJourney and are copyright free. They were used in my Dark Future campaign, in the Mandalay colony. Many of the character images were inspired by the 1990 movie “Total Recall”. The art files are intended for use in a VTT such as roll20.
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All these images are AI art by Midjourney.

As well as the characters from “Total Recall”, there are images based on Bob Hope and  Bing Crosby who played a couple of entertainers stranded on the colony, who provided comic relief.

Robbie Williams played  a deck hand at the landing pad, and a young Bill Murray worked in the stores. Robert Picardo provided the voice and facial model for Johnnycab in the 1990 movie.

Zanzi is the owner and bartender of ‘Zanzi’s Bar’ in Mandalay.

In my Dark Future Campaign, characters are often the opposite of their movie counterparts. Quaid was a genestealer hybrid, and Ricter and Lori were the heroes.


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