Mage Tower (15 levels)


This map pack contains the first 15 levels of my 8×8 mage tower series in 4 different variations.
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This map pack contains 15 levels of a mage tower and comes with four different variations for all of your magical needs. I’ve included all ground floor and middle floor variations, each 8×8 in size and with a resolution of 140ppi. In total this pack contains:

  • Three larger files containing each of the 15 ground and first-floor variations, as well as a sample order of these floors. These are size 42×26 (140ppi).
  • 15 separate 8×8 maps for each of the floors, with four variations (pixelated, painted, standard and ‘hand drawn’). 


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These maps are for personal use only, and do not require attribution. If you wish to use these maps for commercial use, please contact me.

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Krager's Shadow and Light Pack, Skront's Caves and Cliffs, Skront's Farm and Field, Skront's Greenery, Skront's Rocks and Bricks, Skront's Stone Stuff, Skront's Trees, Skront's Wooden Stuff

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Individual levels are 8x8, three larger files are 42x26. All maps have a resolution of 140ppi.

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