Phased Tavern


This map pack contains four phased taverns that you can use in your campaign. As players stay at this tavern, spending time and money on refurbishing it, it progresses until Phase 4 is reached. Each tavern phase comes with 8 variations.
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The idea behind this one is that the players arrive at a tavern that is initially extremely shoddy, quite empty, and bare, with little life going on. As players interact and build up this tavern, which grows into the 4th phase, your typical tavern, a little bit rowdy and bustling with life, each room now occupied and clutter scattered everywhere. This first phase of this map pack is 26×28, and the others have a size of 26×33 with a resolution of 140ppi.


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These maps are for personal use only, and do not require attribution. If you wish to use these maps for commercial use, please contact me.

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Krager's Shadow and Light Pack, Skront's Caves and Cliffs, Skront's Greenery, Skront's Rocks and Bricks, Skront's Stone Stuff, Skront's Trees, Skront's Wooden Stuff

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This first phase of this map pack is 26x28, and the others have a size of 26x33 with a resolution of 140ppi.

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