Stonehenge Festival [36×35]


This is a recreation of a neolithic celebration of the summer solstice at Stonehenge. This map and its variations are size 36×35 with a resolution of 140ppi.
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This map is designed to be a Neolithic festival around Stonehenge. I had a strange adventure hook prepared as I was making this one, which I will explain below!

One adventure hook idea I had was where the party travels through a portal and ends up travelling back in time, all the way into this mysterious world called Earth. If the party can communicate with them, then the Neolithic people would cautiously invite them to this solstice festival and the next day take the party back to their homes, which could be paired with one of my other maps – Skara Brae. The party then has to figure out how to get home, as the portal only activates during a solstice.

This map and its variations are size 36×35 with a resolution of 140ppi. This pack contains 15 JPG files with all the variations. 😀


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-Birdie's Biomes
-Krager's Shadow Light Pack
-Skront's Alchemy
-Skront's Caves & Cliffs
-Skront's Creeps
-Skront's Farm & Field
-Skront's Greenery
-Skront's Rocks & Bricks
-Skront's Stone Stuff
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-Skront's Wooden Stuff

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All maps are 36x35 with a resolution of 140ppi.

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