TSR’s Module B1 In Search Of The Unknown


TSR’s 1978 module B1 “In Search Of The Unknown”, level one and two
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TSR’s Module B1 “In Search Of The Unknown”

This was the first map I re-created in Dungeondraft, a version of B1 “Into The Unknown” which was created by Mike Carr in 1978, for a 5e D&D group via Roll20 in 2021. None of my players were even born in 1978…

B1 was included in the original “basic” D&D set, before it became AD&D, or 1e. The box had the ‘original’ set of dice that many of us used for years – a yellow d4, orange d6, green d8, blue d12 and white d20. The dice material, except for the d6 was a bit crumbly and the corners rounded off.

But basic D&D started it all for my friends and I, and the rest of the world. I was lucky enough to play D&D with Garry Gygax at Reading University Gamesfair in 1982, with Don Turnbull (who created the 1e Fiend Folio) as referee.

The second level is a bit dull, so I filled a couple of large caves with more “stuff”. When I was the GM, one of the cages contained a maimed Beholder, named Lazarus…

The maps are reduced to a height of 2500 pixels, max recommended for Cartography Assets.

I have also added a “GM layer” as a .png with a transparent background if you wish to use these maps on Roll20. The numbers refer to the original B1 .pdf by Mike Carr.

I have removed my usual shadow work from this version, to try to make it look more like the original style of maps – although they were just white squares on a blue background…

There is 5000 pixel version on my Patreon page (for free) at https://www.patreon.com/posts/tsrs-module-b1-68895424

You can find pdf versions of B1 on the net or buy it at Dungeon Masters Guild



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