Dark Future – Garbage Island with ship


This a map of the sewer rivers beneath the great cities of a Dark Future world, where all the refuse is dumped by road and ship transport. A small camp of outcasts lives in  camp, scavenging a life from the rubbish. This map was built in Dungeondraft, with assets created by de-Zigner and a green water and swamp background tile by Forgotten Adventures. It features the recreation of a ship map by de-Zigner built in Dungeondraft, and a number of de-Zigner’s vehicles.
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Firstly, this map would not be possible without the art of de-Zigner and his amazing assets. After a period of not building any new maps, the idea came about to create an image of where all the rubbish from the great cities would end up – a toxic river and islands built from refuse and old tyres.

The map is in two versions, one including a suspended road and off ramp to the island, the other a tighter cropped version of the island. Both include the recreation of de-Zigner‘s ship map – repurposed as a garbage scow.

Played as a one shot, the investigators reach the island by ship or truck, searching for the child of a missing noble family. At the bottom most end of the island is a stone arch, and a body may be found there. The occupants of the camp will have some mutations, and might resemble a ghoul. There is an open chest that could contain something of interest, possibly incriminating documents or a map.

There is also a single skeleton in the rubbish to find, and a fridge as an Easter egg nod to the Fallout TV show – or Indiana Jones. If you wish to go for a happy ending, the child might be found alive hiding in the fridge. Especially if you are wearing a suit of power armor.

Please visit de-Zigner’s Patreon page at https://www.patreon.com/deZigner/posts and consider becoming a Patreon. He is now releasing map assets and Dungeondraft packs as well as maps and character icons.


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Multiple Dungeondraft packs by de-Zigner

Backgrounds by Forgotten Adventures FA_textures_natural B, C and F

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Full map 5000 x 5000 72 dpi

crop map 4000 x 4000 72 dpi

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