Dotty Cartography Advanced Bundle

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Introducing the Dotty Cartography Advanced Bundle, a comprehensive toolkit crafted for fantasy map-makers and world-builders alike.

With over 1300 meticulously designed sample and custom colorable assets, this bundle is your key to unlocking endless possibilities in your creative endeavors.

Inside this bundle, you’ll discover:

  • A diverse selection of 12 tree types, from majestic oaks to slender pines, to populate your forests with lifelike detail.
  • 21 types of forest and ground fillers, meticulously designed to add depth and reduce negative spaces on your landscapes.
  • An assortment of terrain features including mountains, hills, dunes, volcanoes, cliffs, mesas & fairy chimneys allowing you to shape the terrain of your world with precision.
  • Mixed settlements representing four distinct types—human, high magic, wild, and advanced—to populate your realms with diverse communities.
  • Mixed settlement ruins, showcasing the same settlement types but in a state of decay and abandonment.
  • Basic icons and shapes for classic settlement representation.
  • Elements such as clouds, waterfalls, crystals, compasses, compass figures, banners, borders and more.for adding an enchanting touch to your maps.

Whether you’re a seasoned cartographer or just beginning your mapping journey, the Dotty Cartography Advanced Bundle offers unparalleled versatility and flexibility, empowering you to create maps that captivate and inspire.

Note: The collection does not contain any precolored assets! All the assets are sample or custom colorable in Wonderdraft!

With love and respect, happy mappings!


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