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I made rivers!
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This is not standalone pack!(But can be, if you really want)
But, you’re fine to use it for classic maps, if you think it is useful.
Please, consider getting basic pack first, this one includes ONLY rivers and lakes objects.
You can download sample here – SAMPLE PACK

This pack includes:
200 rivers and river parts, ranging from vast systems to miniscule pieces for finer details.
100 lakes ranging from small to inland seas.
Everything is in 2 variations: plain and with depth.
Both versions are colorable, obviously.


Commercial license is here, if you need it

Please, test sample pack first before buying this, because it’s not very easy to utilize and meant for cartographers who know where and how they would use it.
Purpose of this pack is to cover long standing issue of water that is hardly visible, due to overlaying of terrain, unless you’re using color-friendly versions.

But this pack can also be used for fine detailing your river systems, because minimal size of them in this pack is just a pixel wide and do not necesserily have outline(unless you want it), unlike standard WD rivers, making them much smaller. Though obviously they’ll be hardly visible without zooming in, but at least you know they are there and that’ll make you happy ūüėČ
But remember, it’ll take time to get used to them.

Realistic river systems and lakes
Possibility to use nice versions with depth
Possibility of fine-detailing your water systems
Possibility to place water systems from this pack OVER other objects!
Quite tricky to use, unless you know what you’re doing(Please try sample pack first)
Depth versions of lakes and rivers are hard to match color-wise(but not noticeable at very large scales like you can see in Turambar map down there)
May be hard to match to texture of ocean, if it’s very detailed

Here are couple examples produced by my testers:
You can see those very small rivers and streams, i quite like them.
He also found a new way to make topographic maps feel more natural, by making trees with just color and my free texturing brushes for WD.
You can notice that lakes have quite not usual textures that you usually see in WD, that is because Turambar used version with depth here.

–As i can see, they didn’t use WD rivers, so all of them are this pack only–

And just some example objects, not even half of them, because there are quite alot and some of them are very, very big.


Please consider supporting me on Patreon if you like what i do :3



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