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Last update: 30.10.2022
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This pack is a collection of sample content that consist of sorted(after ROOOOCKS pack) and assorted(from basic to ROOOOCKS pack) pieces of topo landscapes and features.
Yes, i finally made something so you can actually decided whether you want to buy library of my assets or not :3

What’s included:
100 assorted pieces of colorless terrain(i.e. for parchment looks)
100 assorted color-friendly pieces(for colored)
–|Rivers and lakes pack addition|–
50 samples of rivers and 25 lakes in 2 versions(1/4th of full pack)
–|Grand Mountains pack update(1.3)|–
15 samples of Grand Mountains pack in 3 versions
–|BYOL addition that i forgot to add|–
45 terrain pieces and some pieces to do flavour things
–|Volcanoes update(1.4)|–
1 volcano and 5 pieces of it
They were taken across all packs, including NT.

P.S. They are not the same, objects included in those categories are different, because i actually can’t match them, thanks to my awesome naming conventions.
(But in full packs they are matched, of course)
(Future packs will be matched)
Here are objects:
(I didn’t bother with creating image with all pieces separated, because you can just download and see all of them for yourself :3)
–|Rivers and lakes pack addition|–

–|BYOL addition that i forgot to add|–

–|Canyons and Mesas(update 1.2)|–

–|Grand Mountains pack(Update 1.3)|–

–|Volcanoes update 1.4|–



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Volcanoes pack has been added!
Grand Mountains pack has been added!
Canyons and Mesas sample pack has been added!

Rivers and Lakes sample pack has been added!
Finally i made sample pack!


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