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100+ topographic landscape parts | Anzhc’s topographic landscapes basic pack

Now you see where that road is going 🙂


This pack includes:
100+ topographic parts
2 textures
1 tree brush(very basic, but it does the job)
1 theme preset


Commercial license is here, if you need it
If you’re planning to buy addon packs, i would suggest to buy ones with “(nt)” mark first! They are significantly better quality in all matters and include colored versions.

Example map:

*map was done when i had only 50-60 parts ready out of all 100+.

-Do be looking very detailed
-Do be easy to use
-Do be relaxing, because you’re practically playing Lego
-Fast(Example piece above was done in like 20 minutes)
-Very nice in parchment colors
-You see geography of your world!

-Hard/tricky to color
-Hard to use water layer(if you’re using Wonderdraft)
-Demands more layer work than your usual map
-Probably you’re not possessing decent tree stamps for this style(but you also don’t need them)

Every topographic thing in this pack can blend on to other parts, which let you create seamless terrain with tons of combinations.
If this is not quite enough for you, i will be releasing add-ons which will expand on current terrain with even more unique parts.

P.S. Pack is split in 2 parts, because total weight of it is over limit of CA upload size. You don’t need to combine them, just throw in to asset folder, they’ll work as one.


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The item has been verified to work with Wonderdraft.

Extra information

Everything you see in examples are included in this asset pack.

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This asset pack or map falls under the CAL-NA-NC-NS license.

This item has been uploaded by the original creator.

Additional notes

For commercial license information look at "license" file, or contact me in discord - Anzhc#5269


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Updated image
Updated theme slightly
Added guide about how to use color pairs in palette
Added color-friendly version
price increase: +1 euro
updated info document
updated theme to include my most recent used colors for non color-friendly assets

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