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My good friend, T.A., decided to move his assets to my CA shop, this is his first pack.
I’m doing editing and packaging for him.

Pack is called Isle of Mann + Wight because that’s the name of maps assets were taken from.
In this pack you’ll get:
couple grass brushes
tree brush
37 prefab mountains and mountain chains
50 prefab forest parts
1 path(it’s pretty nice, ngl, using it often)
couple big decorative elements(like compass)
12 objects
8 city/town/village prefabs(including 3 destroyed)

All objects are hand-drawn and were taken from scanned physical maps.
Maps, those assets were taken from:


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For any additional information, if you have questions, please, ask T.A., because i'm not the sole owner of those assets. Contact me, if you can't message him, i will do that instead.

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