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Lazy texturing
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In this pack you’ll receive:
128 small grunge parts(~128×128)
128 medium grunge parts(~256×256)
64 big grunge parts(~512×512)
10 formless parts (small to big)
all are colorable, so you can adjust it to any color you need.

You cna use them to alter textures, make your own, add flavour to your map, etc.
Just some lazy examples of using it for texturing(left is no-grunge, right is grunge):

And altered maps full:

How to use:
I would suggest to make only first color active, so 2 others are 0 opacity.
Modifying first color is the main thing.
Use very low opacity, like 10-30, if you don’t want radical change in color.
Use “Shuffle Symbols”
Go wild placing it, but remember to place in on highest layer, if you want it to affect everything.


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Water in example maps is from my water pack.

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