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Try not to fall!
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This is not standalone pack!
Please, consider getting basic pack first, this one includes ONLY cliffs and such.

NT stands for “new technique”.
GH5D is just a random code for asset pack, because at some point my vocabulary will end, im very dumb.


Commercial license is here, if you need it

This pack includes:
60 detailed cliff and rocky terrain pieces in 3 variants:


color-friendly(Adjustable color starting from this pack!(Thanks, Epsilon!)

As usual – examples.
This time i asked some people to be testers for my assets and they provided me couple maps to showcase 🙂
Quick map by Turumbar91

Thanks, i appreciate your work 🙂

Very nicely composed and textured map by Epsilon!

(That tilted compass will drive some of you crazy, i know)
Epsilon used color-friendly versions of TL assets and textured everything, im amazed tbh.
They were the most helpful person in this test group as well, special thanks for work and research on how to make them better!

From now on i will be gathering testing group for new assets. Testers receive assets needed, so you can always apply, just ask me in discord 🙂
Current group has received Basic, hills, Mountains(nt) and this current pack as part of testing for free, so if you wanted to test my assets, but never bought them, might be your chance to try them out. :3 Testers are free to use them after testing.
-Very helpful testers are gonna receive additional bonuses and possibly keep tester role for future-
You can find me in CA and Wonderdraft discord, if you want to contact me 🙂


Please consider supporting me on Patreon if you like what i do :3



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