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Dark Mountains set
This is an experimental pack of mountains, i wanted to make it a long time ago, but so happens that i made them right when Halloween comes, and they are suitable for spooky maps, cuz they are dark, what a coincidence, considering we’re not celebrating this in my country xD
What will you get here:
One set of mountains consisting of 45 unique objects.
That’s it.

This pack was made with use of neural network, or AI, if you want – Mid Journey.
Do not purchase this pack if you believe that using AI for producing art is immoral or whatever reason you can come up with.


If you didn’t leave page after disclaimer above, you can look at them and quick example map i made maybe in 15 minutes.

They work with standard WD assets very decently, imho.

Please consider supporting me on Patreon if you like what i do :3



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