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Numbered Hex Grids-Flat Hex & Pointed Hex


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Looking for numbered Hex Grids?

Creator:  greviccios


This asset has both FLAT and POINTED Hex Grids that are able to be numbered. 

For each 30 x 30 hex grid, from the smallest to the largest, and everything in between there are 19 different sizes that can the grid can be scaled to. Along with 20 different colors and three intensities there are many options to place a nice grid. There are two sets of numbers (each set numbers a 30 x 30 grid. The first set starting at 0000-3000 and the second 30 x 30 grid will be numbered between 3100-6000)

Any updates or fixes that pertain to these specific grids will be a free upgrade and/or fix.

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