Murder Melody Pack

For whenever you need to create that dreaded murder mystery.


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Mostly fixed the footprints so they would look like a real step, instead of tiny jumps.

Tried to polish assets, with variable success.

This Dungeondraft asset pack is geared to add a little atmosphere to your MURDER investigations.
Perhaps players are tasked to investigate a fresh crime scene since the word on street is that Det. Malone is on the take and is looking the other way on this one.
Or maybe players are doing their stuff on a turf where the deal between the Red Maws and Royal Crocodilians went wrong.

Can be used to spice things up in a fantasy scene as well, but geared towards modern/near-future settings.

Whatever the case is why you need what you need – check this pack out! We’ve got:

3 different bullet casing types – a single, trio, and a metric ton.

2 different evidence flags – one with a doodle that represents a number, and the other are without it.

6 different footprints – for male and female footwear.

6 different splatter patterns – can be blood, oil, whatever you want.

7 different victim outlines – not much variety, but better than a single one.

3 different handprints – can be bloody or just blacklight evidence.

2 different barrier tape paths – regular striped and ‘crime scene’.

3 different mobile barriers – for when barrier tape isn’t enough.

6 different sized piles of debris – in case you need to cover something.

3 pairs of body-bags  – for when, you know, bodies hit the floor (bonus body under a sheet).

3 pairs of vehicle tracks – four-wheel and two-wheel in different shades.

Splatters, prints (both shoe and hand), debris, residue, barriers, and victim outlines can be colored in Dungeondraft.  Happy murder solving!

P.S. – This is my first asset pack and feedback (good or bad) is greatly appreciated. Please leave suggestions here.

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